2020 Prime Minister’s Awards

The 2020 Prime Minister’s Awards competition is now open!

Educators play an important role helping to build the next generation of successful, caring, and creative Canadians. We all remember an educator that changed our lives. The Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence, Teaching Excellence in STEM, and Excellence in Early Childhood Education honour exemplary teachers and early childhood educators who are preparing our youth for the innovation economy.

Prime Minister’s Awards recipients can receive:

•       Cash awards worth up to $5,000

•       A certificate from the Prime Minister

•       National recognition and promotion of their best teaching practices

Consider nominating an educator for a 2020 Prime Minister’s Award! Download your nomination package today by visiting their website at www.pma.gc.ca. Submit your nomination electronically or by mail by January 14, 2020.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our previous teaching and early childhood education award recipients.

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