COSL accomplishes the priorities of the annual strategic plan through the following Mandate Groups.

Educational Leadership
COSL is assuming greater responsibility for administrator’s professional development. Successful conferences for aspiring and current principals and vice principals attract on average 400 participants. Professional standards continue to be a focus of the organization.

Professional Welfare
This mandate area looks into the needs and issues affecting principals and vice-principals. A provincial bargaining summary, with recommendations, is available.

Through the web page, we are communicating with every member. The COSL website is at COSL continues to reach out to other organizations.

CAP directors and Leadership Team members are elected by provincial membership. COSL proposes and writes policy and makes constitutional recommendations for consideration at AGM.

Financial Management
COSL sets and implements the budget as established at AGM, which includes support for the Chairperson position as well as Director and Regional Meeting expenses.