October 2017

October 2017 Council of School Leaders Chairperson Report



I trust everyone has had a great September. It is always one of the busiest months of the year so it goes by quickly. Sometimes quicker than we want. The Council of School Leaders has been off to a busy start as well. We just had our Directors’ Training Meeting and Presenters on September 29th-October 1st at the Holiday Inn West Winnipeg. We had Directors from around the province engage in the business of COSL and Professional Development Presenters. Trying something new, we have moved our Directors’ Training to the end of September as opposed to having it in March. We will review the change but so far, the Directors received it favorably. We also moved a meeting from the SAGE/LIFT days to support the many activities MTS has going on at that time.


Our weekend began Friday night with around the province reports and outside body reports. Saturday was lead off with Terry Price and Darren Hardy presenting on Safe and Inclusive Workplaces Research Project. James Bedford followed up on Bill 28 and its implications. Next, we had Andrew Peters present on the differences between supervision and evaluation. Sandy Turcotte gave an update on the 2020 CAP conference. At lunchtime, Danielle Fullan Kolton gave us information and background on the Teacher-Led Learning Team. All presentations were well received and seen as valuable information. We would also like to thank General Secretary Bobbi Taillefer for joining us on Saturday morning.


Next up is putting the final touches to the COSL fall conference at Tec Voc. We have an exciting line up and are looking forward to a great day. I will be involved in a couple of presentations firstly at the LIFT conference in Brandon and then the Community School Workshop on October 23rd. I will be presenting with former COSL chairperson Spencer Clements on School Connectors and other school and community supports. Recently I met with the Seine River principals and vice principals at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Andrew Peters joined me for our presentation on the role of COSL and MTS supports. That is it for now and hope you have a great October.




Bruce Shamray

Council of School Leaders Chairperson.