May 2017

Message from the Chair May 2017


Finally some nice weather to make getting through the last part of the school year a little easier. However the downside is some of our students begin to think summer has already arrived. I have a few notes to share from our April AGM.

We has a great turnout with around 60 delegates attending our AGM held April 21 &22, 2017 at McMaster House. We handled reports on the Friday night before getting into some presentations on Saturday. Andrew Peters presented on “When Principals make Mistakes: for an hour and a half and could of spent the whole day. Dan Turner also joined us for part of the morning. Then Dave Tate presented the budget and his presentation was effective as there was very few questions. Fees are not being raised again for the third consecutive year and we will have our Winter Conference in February and would encourage everyone to attend. We have secured the Hotel Fort Garry for the conference on February 15th&16th 2018. It is on the eve of Festival du Voyageur so is a great location. Then Loizza Aquino who is a student here in Winnipeg and is founder of Peace of Mind 204 and has hosted YAMIS sessions for students to speak out about Mental Health concluded our AGM. We also presented Jolene Rondeau the COSL Student Leadership Scholarship for 2017 and it was given by Canadian Association of Principals President, Maxine Geller.

As part of the AGM the mandate area groups came up with areas of further dronvelopment that the Leadership Team will work into our Strategic Plan for the upcoming year. Given a somewhat uncertain future will keep in mind our agenda may be adjusted if necessary. The Leadership Team will meet in June to draft the plan. That’s it for this month.

Yours in Education,

Bruce Shamray Council of School Leaders Chairperson