CAP Student Essay Competition

In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday with a proud history of political, social and economic progress. While the social
and political elements are essential to a country’s quality of life, the deeper question as Canadians look ahead to the next 50
years is related to economic security and opportunity. What continues to bind us? No matter what political view, racial
background or social status, everyone needs commerce in one form or another to put food on the table and provide a better
life for their family. Canada has been a land of opportunity and always strived toward ensuring equality and inclusiveness.
The book, “Everybody’s Business” will capture the perspectives and vision of Canadians in relation to economic growth and
vision for the next 50 years and provide a framework for growth and action. The research for this book is in partnership with
the Rotman School of Management and Canadian leaders who are passionate about Canada and its future growth.
The Canadian Association of Principals is proud to partner with the authors to engage high school students to share their
thoughts as the future leaders of our great country!
The findings from the submitted essays will be included in the book publication, “Everybody’s Business”. All essays will
contribute to the voices of Canadians who will lead the growth and development of Canada for the next 50 years.


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